Rhinoplasty in Cary

 Rhinoplasty surgeons in Cary, NC want to share some knowledge with you that will help you to get ready for your surgery. Cary, NC rhinoplasty understands that in order to have a successful procedure, preparation is key. How you prepare for this surgery can have a huge effect on the success of the procedure itself but also helps to reduce the risk of complications during the surgery and the recovery. The Cary rhinoplasty specialist will give you all of the tips that you need in order to have a safe procedure that gives you the results that you have been looking for.

The reason that you have a consultation with a surgeon is to not just let you know just whether or not you are a candidate for the surgery but also to let you know everything that you need to do in preparation for the surgery. At this consultation, your doctor will first discuss your medical history and your reasons for wanting this surgery, as well as your particular goals for the outcome. This includes medications, illnesses, and any history of nasal obstruction.The doctor will then move onto a physical examination and will require laboratory testing.

What the surgeon is looking for is the physical structure of your nose and what changes they need to do to match your features.This is also to determine if the surgery is going to affect your breathing. They will take photographs of your nose at different angles and use software to manipulate your nose to help you understand what is actually possible for you to achieve with the rhinoplasty.After this initial consultation, the doctor will discuss with you the things that you need to do in order to have a successful procedure.

One of the most important things that you need to do is avoid using medications that have aspirin or ibuprofen as an ingredient for two weeks prior and two weeks after the surgery. This is because these medications can increase your risk of bleeding. There are also some herbal medications that can have a similar effect, so you should ask your doctor before ingesting anything during this time period. You also need to quit smoking if you are currently a smoker. Not only can smoking slow the healing process after your rhinoplasty but it can also increase your risk of infection.

Some doctors may recommend making sure that you get vitamin C, E, and iron into your system prior to and after the surgery. You should also stock up on soft foods as recommended by your doctor. Finally, you should always notify your doctor of any illness during this time to make sure that it will not negatively affect the outcome of the surgery.By properly preparing for this surgery, you can reduce your risk of complications during and after the surgery. Rhinoplasty is still a surgery that can carry a great deal of risks with it and it is important that you give yourself the best chance of having a successful surgery.