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Rhinoplasty has always been a standard procedure that aims to change the appearance of the patient’s nose to make it look gorgeous and balanced. Rhinoplasty surgeons in Charlotte NC, can augment, shorten, lengthen, thin up and change the shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty involves grating the nasal bones to remove a bump by cutting out the cartilage. Rhinoplasty in Charlotte is done after a patient stopped maturing on their face, usually at the age of sixteen to seventeen in girls and seventeen to eighteen years in boys.


People tend to be more conscious of how they look because of the beauty standard the media has introduced, resulting for other patients to change their facial features. While some may suffer from an unbalanced position of the nose or worst some having the difficulty to breathe because of the structure of their nose. The common complaints of people who are seeking nose surgery are: they are too large, too wide, too thin, too short, scooped, too pinched, difficulty breathing, bifid tip, scar tissue, damage from accidents, lack of definition and much more. However, there are those whose reasons are insignificant such as to become more famous, become more desirable or to win someone over. These kinds of desire are caused by Body Dysmorphic Disorder which results from low self-esteem


A nose’s bone structure makes up the upper part of the nasal area, and it consists of symmetrical bones that form a pyramid shape commonly known as the bridge. The flat surface at the front of the nose is called the dorsum and glabellas are where the bridge joins the forehead. The lower part of the nose is made up of cartilage structures consisting of five large pieces, septum, two lateral cartilages and two alar cartilages. The septum is a piece of cartilage that runs down the center of the nose, dividing the nasal cavity in half. The front part of the septum is the thickest where it joins the nasal bones.

Lateral cartilage has a broad and flat triangular shape that is a half-way point down the nose, the front part thicker with the upper side of it connected to the nasal bone and the bottom attached to the greater alar cartilage.

Greater Alar cartilage is thin, small, and flexible, situated at the lower part of the nose that is folded back on itself forming the tip and the lower walls of the nose. Both are connected at the center and become flatter and narrower as they are spread out. Plastic Surgeons in Charlotte, NC can alter the shape of a nose by cutting away sections from the floor of the nose or at the junction.


Open or Closed

Rhinoplasty experts in Charlotte provides options for patients to choose from, they are asked if they want an open or closed technique. Cosmetic surgeons in Charlotte NC perform an open procedure by cutting open the nose. Cosmetic surgeons in Charlotte have the knowledge and professional skills that ensure the safety of the patient during the procedure. The open process is made by cutting the base of the columella, the small wedge that separates the nostrils. Incisions are made with either a V or an inverted Z cut, which helps minimize the appearance of the scar. The scar attained from the incision is usually very faint and will eventually fade away on most people. In rare cases, a keloid scar will form, but can be prevented with a post-operative care such as Kenalog injections or dermabrasion.

Nasal Augmentation

The different shaped implant can also be added onto the structure of the nose giving it an increased width or projection. Charlotte cosmetic surgery has a wide variety of materials available to choose from, and most operating surgeons use one particular material which they believe is more superior. There are also implants that can be harvested from your body and artificial implants to choose from.

Operating surgeon in Charlotte sometimes use bone grafts that are taken from the patient’s ribs, which has a small percentage of absorption when implanted and requires a longer time for recovery. Extra surgery is performed to extract the graft which may lead to bone infection and excessive calcification. Rib grafts are reported to warp and deform like any graft procedures. Cartilage grafts, on the other hand, can be taken from either the ears or bone, when taken from the ear a small sliver is extracted from the back of the ear. The procedure is typically done on individuals who have had too much cartilage removed.

Silicone implants have been popularly used for facial implants since 1956. These implants are hard but flexible depending on how it is manufactured. Alloderm is a donor tissue that is stripped until it is only a protein framework, it contains no human cells and can last up to two years. The product is not a guarantee that it will mimic the look of a bone and is expensive but can be used for structure work and cartilage implanting. Polyethylene, on the other hand, is a porous plastic that resembles a coral, scar tissue will heal into the pores securing the implant.

Traditional Rhinoplasty

As with any cosmetic surgery the goal of rhinoplasty, is to create something that will harmoniously work and will look good on the patient’s face. Charlotte, nc rhinoplasty surgeons make sure that they retain and incorporate the person’s ethnicity into the final nose to make it look more natural and beautiful, they also ensure that it will not stand out or attract any attention.

In Charlotte, NC we have professionally skilled plastic surgeons that will help solve all problems and insecurities not only with your nose but any part of your body. Before we perform a surgery our Cosmetic Surgeons in Charlotte, NC we will make sure that you are healthy and have no issues that may cause complications during the problems. In any case of the need to perform surgery on teenagers or children, we make sure that its parents or guardian is aware of the operation before proceeding. At Charlotte, NC we ensure the safety of every patient. Encase you may need a little more insight into nose reshaping, Wikipedia  has a good article that gives some history on rhinoplasty, so if you need to know more about the subject to help you ease your fears go hear to learn more.