Greensboro, NC Rhinoplasty Specialist


Rhinoplasty Greensboro is an area of surgery that has evolved quite fervently over the past few decades. Many medical clinics and centres now offer rhinoplasty surgeons in Greensboro North Carolina which makes it so much easier for people to get nose surgery done without having to travel extremely far in order to get to the nearest hospital. This has really widened the market and it has become an efficient method for those who need to have surgery done immediately. What makes rhinoplasty so popular in Greensboro? And what exactly does rhinoplasty entail?

Greensboro, NC

Greensboro is nestled in the state of North Carolina and is the third largest city in this state and the largest city in its county. There are almost 300 000 residents in Greensboro that make it a very vibrant and diverse area to live. Since its early history it has become quite a modern area to live and has developed into a full-fledged town.

This city was founded in the mid-1700s by European settlers who came to explore American soil. It was named after a very famous and influential leader in the American Revolutionary War and was initially used for cover due to the forest-covered area that bordered the town. However, it soon grew in popularity and by 1821, almost 400 settlers had made this area their home.

Industrialisation in the early 1900s made evolved this town into a very successful point on the map of North Carolina and small businesses made its way onto the scene. This meant even more growth and economic freedom for those who had already lived and built lives for themselves here.

Greensboro is of course on of the famous landmarks when one studies the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. It was here where black college students sat at a ‘whites only’ area inside a segregated Woolworths. These young men were jailed along with approximately 1 400 other people who supported desegregation of the United States. This Woolworths had been transformed into a Civil Rights Museum and stands proudly in Greensboro today.

Inside of Greensboro there are many opportunities for people to enhance themselves, take part in the society and grow in a cultural sense. The Greensboro Theatre is the home of performing arts and has been since 1927. This theatre has recently been renovated and now serves as the home for the Greensboro Ballet Company as well as the Greensboro Youth Symphony.

The Greensboro Science Centre boasts with a planetarium, a hands-on science centre, as well as a newly reopened zoo. This centre serves to educate families and children about science, the world around them, and it helps to open their minds to the endless possibilities of the universe.

This city is also home to the famous Carolina Hurricanes, one of the competitive teams in the NHL. Residents can enjoy numerous matches right there in their hometown during hockey season.

It is clear that Greensboro has fully developed from a primitive post-war village to a town that has already made waves on the history and sporting calendars. As the town grows, so does the needs of the people who live there, which is why rhinoplasty has become so necessary in multiple clinics?

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is the surgery of the nose and it attempts to fix any sorts of irregularities. It is more commonly known as a nose job, but it is no longer only limited to plastic surgery. Nose jobs can be performed in order to create a more aesthetically desirable appearance and it can also help in restoring previous functions of the nose that had been lost due to an accident or other natural phenomena.

Before a patient can undergo a rhinoplasty surgery, the specialist first has to conduct an analysis of the nose, its irregularities, as well as the characteristics of the patient to determine whether or not he or she can qualify for rhinoplasty surgery. First, the surgeon must determine whether or not the patient is in good health and what his or her medical history looks like. The specialist will also ask the patient about any other irregularities that he or she might have experienced and he will check for any allergies. This is very important as it prepares the patient in a safe manner for what is to follow.

Interestingly enough, doctors often have to undertake psychological tests that are implicit when it comes to rhinoplasty surgery. Many people who opt for this type of surgery do it to improve their features and doctors need to assert whether or not they are doing it for the right reasons. Some doctors will factor in their age, their gender, their relationship status, their expectancies for the post-operation world, as well as their emotional intelligence and maturity. This will also help to determine whether or not the patient needs it for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes.

There are two different types of rhinoplasty surgery that can be performed based on the characteristics that have been deduced: open rhinoplasty surgery and closed rhinoplasty surgery. These two procedures are very similar but there are some differences to consider. In open rhinoplasty there is a smaller chance of the procedure leaving a scar, it generally requires a smaller operation period as well as a smaller space, and it allows the surgeon to feel detailed changes inside the newly reconstructed nose. This gives the surgeon a much more detailed view of what has been created.

After this has been established, the surgeon will then continue in creating a new nose for the patient out of skin, tissue, cartilage, and bone. This is harvested off the patient’s own body so it is completely safe and the flesh colour will suit the rest of the face. After the surgery has been completed, the surgeon will then put a bandage over the new nose that the patient is required to keep on for a certain amount of days. Another check-up will be conducted and the surgeon will report on the patient’s progress.