Rhinoplasty In Raleigh, NC


Rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery is the operation done to normalize the function and improve the structure of the nose. Also known as nose job or nose shaping, it fulfills the aesthetic goal of correcting any injuries caused by traumatic incidents. Innovations were developed in Rhinoplasty during the years such as open approach utilization and equalization of the grafts of rib cartilage. Rhinoplasty can restore skin surface area, re-establish normal contours, and refurbish airflow through the nasal cavity. Nose surgery is usually done as emergency surgery caused by a traumatic incident, and is one of the preferred operations for septum’s opening and collapsed nose.


A non-surgical rhinoplasty can also be done by using injectables that result in the change of the shape and structure of the nose. PLASTIC SURGEONS IN RALEIGH, NC performs rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery as a part of reconstructive surgery or cosmetic surgery.

Some hospitals and clinics perform RHINOPLASTY IN RALEIGH, anyone that have been proven to be of proper age (18 and above) can apply for a cosmetic nose surgery. COSMETIC SURGEONS IN RALEIGH, NC needs to ensure that applicants of age 18 years already have a fully developed facial development and a parent’s consent before undergoing surgery. Plastic surgeons also, do not recommend adolescent or teenagers undergo rhinoplasty unless a traumatic event occurred finding the need for a procedure to be done. With the help of PLASTIC SURGEONS IN RALEIGH, COSMETIC SURGERY can

  • Raise or lower the nose tip

  • Remodel the Nostrils

  • Remove nose humps

  • Narrow the nose tip

  • Correct conditions such as nasal septum deviation

  • Reduce the height, width, and length of the nose

  • Reconstruct the nose after a trauma

There are some criteria for COSMETIC SURGEONS IN RALEIGH, NC. to perform COSMETIC SURGERY. An individual that seems to have a disproportionate nose on their face, an obstacle on the aviation route that causes breathing problem, hanging or slanted nasal tip, a person’s nose that appears to be off kilter due to a birth defect can be the perfect candidate for cosmetic nose surgery. An individual that wishes to undergo rhinoplasty because it affects his or her daily living can get help from plastic surgeons as long as he or she is of proper age.

RHINOPLASTY IN RALEIGH, NC. is performed in either under general anesthesia or local anesthesia, and it depends on how major or minor the operation will be on the patient. Rhinoplasty can be done in two ways called the closed type wherein the incisions are done inside the nostrils and the open type that requires an extra incision along the membrane that splits the nostrils. There are also two types of cosmetic nose surgery, the primary and the secondary, primary or major operations are done for cosmetic, functional, or reconstructive purpose while the secondary process is for the procedures with an unsatisfactory outcome that occurs in almost five to twenty percent.

Aside from the methods mentioned above COSMETIC SURGEONS IN RALEIGH, NC. also performs various traditional techniques in rhinoplasty surgery. The techniques are as follows.

  • Septorhinoplasty

Septorhinoplasty is a nose job done for patients who suffers from breathing difficulties because of a problem with their septum and at the same time wants to make their nib look better. A septum is a cartilage that allows a person to breathe freely, but not all of us have a perfectly straight septum. Some who have asymmetrical septum suffer from breathing difficulty.

  • Suture Technique in Rhinoplasty

Suture technique means to sculpt the cartilage of the nose biologically, also referred to as the universal horizontal mattress suture. It is used to straighten the crooked septum, the collapsed internal valve, and lateral valve, and converting ear cartilage grafts.

  • Rhinoplasty-tip

Rhinoplasty tip refers to a nose job that alters the tip of the nose to resemble an arched “M.”

  • Standard Rhinoplasty

Surgery that involves reshaping of the nose tip, nostrils and nose bridge.

Before starting a COSMETIC SURGERY IN RALEIGH, patients are advised to stop smoking for a couple of weeks before surgery, avoid herbal and other medications that can thin out the blood, abstain from drinking coffee for 48 hours before the surgery, avoid using cosmetics, powder, or lotions in the face before the surgery and avoid alcoholic beverages. PLASTIC SURGEONS IN RALEIGH, NC. also asks patients to arrange someone to be with them during the procedure to transport them after the surgery, and they should also comprehend the home care guidelines.

PLASTIC SURGEONS administer general anesthesia for an outpatient procedure that usually takes about two hours to finish. However, patients are asked to stay for a night in the hospital if ever there are unforeseen complications. Whatever procedure is made, PLASTIC SURGEONS IN RALEIGH NC. guarantees that there will be no scarring.

COSMETIC SURGEONS IN RALEIGH, NC. assures patients that they follow a pre- and post-op guidelines that are very similar to the proceeding. COSMETIC SURGERY in RALEIGH a location finder may be of good help for a better solution.

The specialist will sit for a balanced conference to examine all the enveloping parts of the method and will give proposals identified with the individual case. If you live on the west side of Raleigh, NC  West Raleigh’s location finder may be a better solution so go here for more cosmetic info. As with anything you always want to do your homework before going under knife and Wikipedia provides a wealth of information on rhinoplasty.