Rocky Mount, NC Rhinoplasty

Understanding the history of rhinoplasty can give you a good idea of just how this procedure evolved to what it is today. When you are thinking about finding a nose job specialist in Rocky Mount NC, you should be aware of the way this procedure has been improved thanks to the technology in the medical field. It is always a good idea to do your research as you look around for rhinoplasty surgeons in Rocky Mount, NC to make sure that they have the experience to make you comfortable with their skills as well as having the best technologies available.

It may surprise you to find out that the first records of surgical rhinoplasty shows that this procedure began being practiced in ancient India and ancient Egypt. It was originally used to repair noses after physical trauma had occurred. This procedure advanced with each era as they developed new techniques to accomplish this work. They also learned new ways to do things like suturing up the wound or cleaning the area. These are things that help with preventing infections that were potentially deadly back in the days before modern medicine.

Eventually as the 18th and 19th century came and went, this procedure that was typically only used purely for reconstructive purposes became one that would alter a person’s appearance so that they would feel more appealing to others. These techniques became far more refined by Karl Ferdinand von Gräfe, when he published “Rebuilding the Nose” in 1818. This procedure would later also be altered in a way to help correct a deviated septum. The 20th century was the biggest era for changes in this field. A lot of changes happened, with a particular interest in the concept of the open rhinoplasty. This was the refined procedure that has been proven to be highly effective. The experts even were able to start using the open rhinoplasty to perform a secondary rhinoplasty, which is how surgeons repair botched rhinoplasty surgeries.

As far as non-surgical methods go, this procedure was originated in New York during the turn of the 19th century. A neurologist by the name of James Leonard Corning and a physician by the name of Robert Gersuny started using liquid paraffin wax as a means to elevate a “collapsed nasal dorsum”. Despite the fact that this chemical turned out to be harmful to humans, the process itself was an incredible innovation in this field.

Like with many other medical procedures, there has been a complete evolution in the manner that this surgery has been performed. There are more applications that these procedures are used for today than when rhinoplasty had originally begun. Today thanks to this evolution, this procedure is much safer and more effective than it had been in previous eras. This procedure was used on approximately 15.6 million people just in 2014. That just shows you just how popular this type of surgery is today. Just like with any other surgery, it is wise to do your research before choosing a surgeon to perform this procedure.