Winston-Salem, NC Nose Surgeons


Rhinoplasty surgeons in Winston-Salem, North Carolina will no doubt have their hands full as the rhinoplasty in Winston-Salem continues to grow. People may not always realise it, but their own towns can serve to meet all their needs even if it is not as big as New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. You do not need to live in a busy town or a large city in order to enjoy the perks of good medical care. Many people undergo nose jobs in Winston-Salem and there are many reasons for them to do so.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Winston-Salem is the fifth largest city in North Carolina and boasts with almost 250 000 residents. It is often referred to as the Twin City because of its dual heritage and it is also known for its innovation in arts, theatre, and technological research. Its other nickname is Camel City, which refers to its involvement in the tobacco industry in their previous years. This is a city that integrates the good nature of people, the good health aspect of its citizens, and the beautiful town that they have built up for themselves. It was mentioned as one of the top 10 places to retire in the country and that is no small feat.

This town has a very interesting history and it is one that many people love using in literature and music. The name says it all: the town was created after the forging of two cities – Winston and Salem. Salem was a very traditional city with a very rigid bond to religion and some of the biggest churches still stand in the city square today. This Salem should not be confused with Salem, Massachusetts, which is where the witch hunts took place a few centuries ago. Winston was a town that focussed more on the industrial side of things and the people there aimed to increase the worth of their municipal economy. This town was heavily involved in the building of factories as well as the tobacco industry.

During the early 1900s the two towns boomed to such an extent that people from the neighbouring towns started working outside of their borders. The demographics changed so much that the two towns merged, creating one. It was named Winston-Salem in honour of both towns so that the people do not ever forget the town’s colourful and unified history.

In Winston-Salem there are many attractions that people can visit to learn more about the town’s history. The Bethabara Historic District will tell visitors more about the period of establishment when the settlers first arrived in Salem. Old Salem itself has been restored and people can get a clear view of how the settlers lived in earlier years. The New Winston Museum incorporates the best of both worlds and tells the story of how these two towns came to be one, what has been achieved up until now, and educates minds on the importance of heritage.

Winston-Salem is a town that has experience an insane amount of growth in all sectors, especially the health care one. Many people visit the Winston-Salem rhinoplasty surgeon in order to get the best reconstruction on their nose in the comfort of their own home town.

Reasons to undergo rhinoplasty surgery

There are many reasons for people to undergo rhinoplasty surgery and not all of them are aimed at improving the overall facial features of a person. Cosmetic surgery is very far down the list as rhinoplasty serves to correct medical impairments first and foremost. Here are a few of the most popular reasons for rhinoplasty.

  • Skin cancer: one of the most underrated places that skin cancer can develop is on or in the nose. Cancer has a way of eating the whole nose away and after treatment people often have to undergo extensive surgery. During rhinoplasty after skin cancer, surgeons take special care to reconstruct the structures, cartilage, and tunnels of the nose. They also use skin from your own body to recreate a new nose of the same skin colour to suit your face. Even if cancer only ate away the tip of the nose, surgeons can fix this without too much effort and prevent long-term distortion of the added part.

  • Congenital deformity: in certain cases, nose deformities can affect the entire area around the face including the mouth and lips. People often refer to these deformities as ‘hare lips’. It could lead to several breathing problems in people, but it is fixable with the help of rhinoplasty surgery. During the procedure the surgeon will work on the cleft lip and the cleft palate by rearranging the position of both features. The skin can easily be reconstructed by using laser treatment and surgical incision of the damaged tissue. Refinements of the nose tip may also be required in certain cases.

  • Obstructed airways: surgeons often have to perform rhinoplasty surgery in order to correct certain air blockages that are found in the airways of the nose. The nose often appears pinched which obstructs the airways and limits breathing. In these cases surgeons perform a skin grafting technique which works on the tip of the nose specifically. The nose tip is then enlarged so that it doesn’t appear pinched any more and there is a better flow of air going through the nose as a whole. To improve breathing a septoplasty can be performed, but if this is necessary your surgeon will consult you on it.

  • Wide nose: just as a nose can appear to be too thin, so a wide nose can serve to be just as much of a problem. To narrow a wide nose, the surgeon has to cut, contour, and rearrange the bones surrounding the nose as well as the cartilage inside the nose itself. The surgeon then effects the osteotome incisions beneath the surface of the skin to ensure that there are no visible scarring left after the operation.